Beneath the Dark Ice (Alex Hunter, Book 1) - Greig Beck

1 edition (August 31, 2010) | Language: English | ISBN-10: 031259979X | EPUB | 320 pages | 313.4 KB


When a plane crashes into the Antarctic ice, exposing an enormous cave system, a rescue and research team is dispatched. Twenty-four hours later, all contact is lost.

Captain Alex Hunter and his highly trained commandos, along with a team of scientists, are fast tracked to the hot zone to find out what went wrong. Meanwhile, the alluring petrobiologist Aimee Weir is sent to follow up on the detection of a vast underground reservoir. If the unidentified substance proves to be oil, every country in the world will want to know about it--even wage war over it. Or worse.

Once suspended into the caves, Alex, Aimee, and the others can't locate a single survivor--or even a trace of their remains. Nor is there a energy source, only specters of the dead haunting the tunnels. But soon they will discover that something very much alive is brewing beneath the surface. It is a force that dates back to the very dawn of time--an ancient terror that hunts and kills to survive...


* BUCKLE UP... This is going to be a hell of a ride! Jonathan Maberry - Bram Stoker Award winning author of The Wolfman (now a major motion picture).

* Beneath the Dark Ice - Quickly paced, imaginatively detailed, and highly atmospheric, Beck's novel is an entertaining mix of thriller, horror, fantasy, and science fiction. Neal Wyatt, RA Crossroads, LIBRARY JOURNAL

* Beneath the Dark Ice has all the ingredients of a late night page-turner: a remote and dangerous setting, a rugged hero with an Achilles heel, a vicious and deadly villain, geopolitical intrigue and cutting-edge science. Throw in a feisty heroine and a band of elite soldiers, put them in the ruins of an ancient civilization and pit them against a mythological creature, and it's a recipe for compulsive reading. Lachlan Jobbins, Good Reading Magazine.

* Fast Paced, fun and fantastic debut from a great new talent. Perfect escapism. Paperchain Books.

* Beneath the Dark Ice - In a word: GRIPPING. Malcolm Tattersall, Townsville BULLETIN.

* Exciting Read! A successful mix of spy thriller, psychological drama, and scientific primeval action novel - with just a touch of the Jules Verne. Anne Dickson, Rodney Libraries.


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